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          Welcome to the world of Professionalism. This era is the era of upcoming professionals. Today education manifests it selves more than anything else. An educated individual is more valuable than any material riches, Education can connect a person from beggar to king. It enriches human personality and expands the thinking arena of any individual. The need to the successful today is to have a clear mission regarding, future. The time for the right start is ‘NOW’ taking fruitful & correct decision is the call of the time and ‘SELF MOTIVATION’ is the basis of any correct decision. So come out & conquer – The world would be at your feet.

Our Mission

           Career Classes aims at being the mentor for the students who aspire to become chartered accountants, company secretaries or legal professional. Firstly making the students aware of such fields & then giving them proper & systematic training enabling them to clear the exams at All levels & thus motivating them to gain a respectable position in the society. Of course we don’t boast of being the only one, but confide that we give the best. As our motto says – CAREER CLASSES – The Career Makers, We stress on ‘QUALITY’ rather than ‘QUANTITY’. We are a factory of streaming professionals.

Our Institution Goals

           Career Classes is established with a motive of enriching the commerce line. Opting for commerce as a subject after 10th is no longer a complex as it used to be before a decade or so. It was said that the studious one opt for science, maths stream & the left ones, those who have no goal in life opt for commerce. This belief has been proved wrong by CC. we here are strongly determined to make these commerce students professionals – ready to take up the challenges of this ruthless society.

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